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Why Choose WB Telecom?

WB Offers full service home and on site security services. Installation and service from expert technicians.

  • Full offering of IP cameras

  • Full NVR camera and system installation


Our system withstands common vulnerabilities to keep you protected when you need it most.


Dedicated Communication: Dedicated and secure cellular communication provides safe, reliable uninterrupted protection.


Proactive Safeguards: Easily set rules so that your home responds automatically in an emergency to keep you safe.


Trusted by Milllions: powered systems keep millions of homes and businesses safe and secure.

Our system gives you complete control and visibility over all the entry points to your home. Integrate door locks and garage door control with one intelligent platform.

See what’s happening at your property in real-time, get instant alerts, and never miss a moment with our advanced video monitoring solutions.

Residential Security

Small Business Security

*All packages are subject to a $10 discount if Telus or Koodo mobility customer*

*All packages are subject to a $5 discount if signing on for a 5 year contract instead of a 3 year contract*

*All packages are subject to a $10 discount if Telus or Koodo mobility customer*

*All Packages are subject to 6 months free monthly monitoring until January 31/2021*

*All Packages are subject to 3 months free monthly monitoring starting on Febuary 1/2021*

Affordable Security Systems in Regina Sk

Why you should prefer WB Telecom for the best security systems installation in Regina

WB Telecom proffers the finest Full-service home and on-site security systems. We offer installation service by qualified experts.

Who has the soundest home security systems in Saskatchewan?

WB Telecom delivers the most suitable home security systems in Saskatchewan.
Our system is resistant to typical weaknesses, keeping you safe when you need it the most.

Do burglars avoid security systems?

According to the findings, the response is an emphatic "Yes." There have been studies on the impact of having a home security system. According to the findings, an alarm system might dissuade up to 60% of thieves from scoping out a possible target.

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