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Satellite TV on the go

All your favourites

Endless entertainment

Watch live TV and On Demand titles on the go with the BlueCurve TV app, or cast to any Chromecast-equipped TV.

Enjoy over 350 HD channels plus Pay Per View and make your plan your own with theme packs and premium channels.

Plus, connect your HDPVR to WiFi and instantly access more than 10,000 On Demand titles.

Satellite TV Provider In Saskatchewan

W&B Sales: Comprehensive Satellite Services

At W&B Sales, we specialize in providing top-notch service, repairs, installations, and parts for both Shaw and Bell satellite systems. Whether you need assistance with your primary setup, a second location, or anywhere from your cottage to RV or campgrounds, we've got you covered. However, please note that we do not deal with receivers.

Our Services Include:

  • Service & Repairs: Our experienced technicians are adept at troubleshooting and fixing any issues you may encounter with your Shaw or Bell satellite systems.

  • Installations: We offer professional installations for new satellite setups, including HD dishes and LNBs for both Shaw and Bell. Our installations are thorough and reliable, ensuring optimal performance.

  • Additional Lines & Setups: Whether you need additional lines for multiple receivers or setups at second locations, we're here to help. We also specialize in satellite setups for camping and RVs, so you never miss your favorite shows while on the go.

  • High-Quality Parts: We provide a range of high-quality parts including new, heavy-duty tripods and remote controls to ensure your satellite system operates seamlessly.

Why Choose Us?

With close to 20 years of experience, we have been proudly serving Fort Qu'Appelle and the surrounding areas. Our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction sets us apart.

Contact Us:

For inquiries or to schedule a service, please contact W&B Sales at 306-596-7900.

  • Standard service calls start at $80.00.


Satellite TV Provider in Saskatchewan

Who is the most affordable satellite TV provider in Regina?

Shaw and Bell are very similar in their pricing structures. We can No longer sell direct. We mainly do installation assistance and repair work for Bell and Shaw satelite systems.

Is it possible to connect the satellite to the TV without a box?

Without a box, you cannot connect your satellite to a television. The satellite TV receiver decodes and demodulates the signal so you can watch your programmes. Only TVs with satellite demodulation capabilities can connect to a satellite without the need for TV receiving equipment.

Is it possible to utilize a satellite dish for Wi-Fi?

Making a DIY Wi-Fi antenna out of an old satellite dish is a great method to achieve this. Because USB cable connections have minimal signal loss compared to coaxial wire, converting a satellite dish into a Wi-Fi antenna may be affordable and efficient. 

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