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Rural Internet

Rural high speed internet provider Regina - Join hundreds of thousands of satisfied Xplore customers and get connected with Canada’s leading rural high-speed Internet provider.

  • Fast speeds to stream video and play games online

  • Get your entire home connected

  • Watch online movies and shows

  • 24/7/365 Canadian support

  • No equipment to buy

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Security Services

Security system installations Regina - When you are looking to protect your property, investments, and family look to WB Telecom for expert support and installation. We specialize in farm security systems, agricultural camera systems, farm camera security systems, cameras for farmers, affordable security systems, farm camera installation in Saskatchewan.

  • HD PVR recording for surveillance 

  • Wireless bridging for outbuildings

  • NVR systems also available

  • Expert installation, and support


Bell and Shaw Satelite Repair

  • Service & Repairs: Our experienced technicians are adept at troubleshooting and fixing any issues you may encounter with your Shaw or Bell satellite systems.

  • Installations: We offer professional installations for new satellite setups, including HD dishes and LNBs for both Shaw and Bell. Our installations are thorough and reliable, ensuring optimal performance.

  • Additional Lines & Setups: Whether you need additional lines for multiple receivers or setups at second locations, we're here to help. We also specialize in satellite setups for camping and RVs, so you never miss your favorite shows while on the go.

  • High-Quality Parts: We provide a range of high-quality parts including new, heavy-duty tripods and remote controls to ensure your satellite system operates seamlessly.

Equipment for sale
Equipment for sale

Equipment for sale

Equipment for sale

If you just need to grab an an extra piece of equipment, and don't need any help setting anything up. You can visit our store page, and we can set what you need aside for pickup or delivery!

We sell ubiquiti M5, ubiquiti M2, tripods, J arms, CAT5e cabling, cell phone boosters, shaw satelite receivers, bell used receivers, bell parts, shaw parts, LNB, XKU in Saskatchewan.

Rural High Speed Internet Provider Regina

Who is the  Rural High-Speed Internet Provider in Regina, Saskatchewan?

WB Sales is the best Rural High-Speed Internet Provider in Regina.
We are the Xplornet and Shaw Direct local dealer in Regina, Saskatchewan. On a day-to-day basis, we sell and install goods.

What is a good rural Internet speed?

According to a survey, only half of the wifi subscribers will be able to access good broadband speeds or higher. The download rates of up to 25Mbps and upload speeds of 3Mbps – more than a quarter.

Is satellite internet as quick as cable internet?

In most cases, cable Internet is substantially speedier than satellite Internet. Even the slowest speeds are frequently faster than satellite.


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